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Are you trying for an intimate setting for your reception or party?  Why not try a candlescape.  Using a mirror, place various size pillars,tapers, or votive.  The glow from the candles will add warmth to you and the reflection in the mirror helps add light to your setting.   Float candle tarts in a clear bowl that has been filled with clear stones, fruit, flower petals etc.  Use pillars that have different textures, colors or patterns to match your decor.   Find or make votive holders using fruit, wood, or glass jars.  And remember Safety First.   Make sure that your candle is on a heat-resistant surface and away from flammable materials.  And don’t leave candles unattended, please us common sense. 

     Hydrangea and candle centerpiece on a wedding table

How to decorate with October’s bounty

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October brings cooler weather, but also the start of warm rich colors and smells.  From russet to pumpkin orange and cinnamon to vanilla the scents and finds at farmer’s markets make a setting like none other.  Take a trip in the forest and find leaves and twigs and use in your decorations.  Find some gourds and dress them up or make a pyramid of pumpkins and sprinkle glitter.  Use cinnamon sticks in your decorations.

 Alexi Mani Events

 Glue Gun Crafts

 Napkins with napkin rings of cinnamon sticks & star anise

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