A love poem by Plato

Posted in Thought for the day by You Oughta Be In Pictures-MD on January 13, 2012

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” ~ Plato

And isn’t that they truth!  When a person falls in love everything is more beautiful, more wonderous, and more joyful.   That doesn’t apply to romantic love either.  Love for a child can make something as that you may not enjoy, like Play Doh seem fun (until you have to clean it out of the carpet).  Some express their love for God through song that inspires others.  The love that a person has for their car can bring them such joy that they could wax poetically over the dials on the dashboard.  Every where you look there are expressions of a person love of someone or something.

Have you found a new love today?


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  1. The Honey said,

    soooooooooo true

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