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Posted in Thought for the day by You Oughta Be In Pictures-MD on February 22, 2012
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English tradition says that Wednesday is considered the best day to marry.  It’s definitely a cheaper day to marry.  Here’s the rest of the poem:

Monday for wealth,
Tuesday for health,
Wednesday the best day of all.
Thursday for losses,
Friday for crosses,
Saturday for no luck at all

It makes you wonder, if the reason that the divorce rate is so high is because most people marry on Saturday.  But more people are planning their weddings on days besides Saturday.  Some marry during the middle of the week because thy are having only their immediate family there with them.  Some do it on a Friday night because the price is less.  Some will have their wedding in conjunction with some one else at their place of worship to save on decorating costs.   Some faiths will not allow you to marry on the Sabbath.  And for some, it’s a spur of the moment decision and they decide to go to City Hall.  Bottom line: It’s your wedding, you do it when you want to make you happy.


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